Hotel Planned for Arboretum

After some years of discussion the first steps are now being taken toward construction of an hotel at the Arboretum. Because the Arboretum is subject to Commonwealth law the approval process for a hotel on such a prominent site is a little different. The NCA has already set limits on what can be constructed on the site and where. Because of the limitations on developments on the Hills & Ridges under the National Capital Plan it will be necessary to make an amendment to this plan to allow a commercial development to proceed at all. There is a explanation of the proposal, including helpful maps, in a RiotACT article at

The two Forest sites selected for the development are not on any equestrian trails but they do include the nice stand of remnant radiata pine trees to the south of Dairy Farmers Hill.

The NCA is running a public consultation process on the proposed amendment (DA94). Details and advice about how to comment are on the NCA website at

Consultation closes on Monday 16 March

ACTEA would be interested in hearing of any concerns (other than good taste) riders who frequent the Arboretum might have about this project.

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