Update on the Landscaping at North Weston Ponds

The Suburban Land Agency landscaping at North Weston Ponds has been completed but the hot dry Summer has delayed establishment of some plantings so the security fencing won’t come down just yet. The same weather has delayed the start of Stage 2 of the works. Stage 2 involves closing access to Southwells Crossing to all users.

The Stage 2 landscaping works are not expected to finish until September all going well – yet another delay in providing an equestrian route along the River. However, the finished landscaping is promising a dedicated and signed equestrian trail.

SLA have advised that the Stage 2 fences are going up now – weather permitting – and may take up to a week to be fully installed. The entrances will remain open until work is ready to commence which is estimated to be the end of February or beginning of March. This means that access to Southwell Crossing will remain open until work commences.

Don’t forget that Parkrun holds an event at North Weston Ponds every Saturday morning at 8am. The event starts and ends near the RSPCA shelter at the end of Kirkpatrick Street. The outward section of the run uses the Bicentennial National Trail route from the Cotter Road underpass. You can see the 2020 route here. The average run time is about 40 minutes but there are stragglers pushing prams and leading dogs so giving them an hour to get out of the way is a good idea.

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