Liberal Party Sport & Rec Policy for Comment

ACTEA was sent the Liberal Party Sport & Recreation Policy at a little while ago and noticed there was zero recognition of equestrian sports. ACTEA has since been in communication with them and has a meeting in January with a senior advisor to James Milligan, the shadow minister for sport. She claims to be keen to include equestrian sport within their policy.
There is a section of the documentation on the website dealing with recreation in the natural environment which is partially where horse riders fit and with sports facilities which is where horse paddocks and Equestrian Park sits.
It will also be good to raise access to Canberra Nature Reserves since that is a hot topic for equestrians right at the moment given the Draft Plan of Management for the Reserve system is out for comment.
During election years, ACTEA has in the past surveyed all candidates for election and asked them specific questions about their support for equestrian access and facilities. This meeting with the Liberal Party will just be getting in a little early.
In the meantime, your club or your members may want to fill in the comments box at the bottom of the web site at the address above.
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