Mountain Bike Event On the Long Weekend

Canberra Off-Road Cyclists are holding a three day mountain bike event in the coming long weekend. Instead of shutting down one facility for the whole weekend they are spreading the event over three different sites – Stromlo Forest Park, Majura Pines and the pine trees around the Arboretum – for one day each.

Saturday 29 September – They will be using the bike tracks in the Zoo Pines south of the Zoo and then following the road along the Molonglo River past the southern entrance to the Arboretum before turning up into the pine forest west of the Arboretum. The event organisers have kept bikes away from the new equestrian bridle trail in the Zoo Pines which links the Arboretum underpass to the causeway over to Equestrian Park but it will be a very busy area.

On the long weekend there will be over 300 horses participating in a National Capital Horse Trials event at Equestrian Park so all considered it would be a good place for casual riders to avoid.

Sunday 30 September – They will be using all the bike tracks on the eastern side of Mount Stromlo as well as a big circuit around the perimeter of West Stromlo. While the main part of the Park will be busy all day cyclists should be out of West Stromlo by 1pm.

Monday 1 October – The event will move to the Majura Pines which will have just reopened after the recent timber harvesting there. Because of the loss of trails due to harvesting they will be using some equestrian trails as well as the single bike tracks so best not to venture there on the Monday.

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