Kowan Forest Firetrails Open for Horse Riding

After several hiccups ACTEA can now advise that ACT Forestry has created a safe area for equestrians to saddle horses and ride into the Kowan pine plantation via a cavaletti.

The area is on Hibernian Road, off the Kings Highway. It is a tight right-angled left hand turn over a bridge so you need to slow right down to make the turn with a float.  You will see the yellow gate instantly.

The gate presently has a black rangers keyed lock and a smaller brass coded lock with “ACTEA” engraved on it. To open the lock, line the code numbers up along the line – it only goes one way – and then push the lock inwards to spring it open, as shown in the diagram. To close the lock again first change the numbers to a random combo otherwise the lock will not close.

For security, lock the gate behind you once you pass through.

The code for the lock is the same as for Stromlo Forest Park float parking areas. If you do not know what that is you can access it by emailing cflawrence@homemail.com.au or www.tccs.act.gov.au.

Due to interference with this lock ACT Forests propose to put it in a lock-box to make it harder to remove or damage so you may find it is not dangling free off the chain. The process of opening will be exactly the same. If you find any issues with the lock please contact Peter Langdon on 0408 358 026 or at PeterD.Langdon@act.gov.au.

When you get to the end of the bitumen road you will find a wide, open space with a few gravel heaps and plenty of parking space and turning room for horse floats. The cavaletti is directly off this parking area.

The eastern end of Kowan Forest is pretty much overrun with mountain bikes but there are no MTB trails in the western end so turn left out of the cavaletti and follow the firetrails to the north west. There  are hectares of firetrails available for riding. Take the map with you so you can find your way back to the float!


Christine Lawrence


ACT Equestrian Association

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