Water Quality Project Impinges on Equestrian Facilities

The ACT government has a commitment from the Commonwealth for money to make improvements to water quality in the Yarralumla Creek Catchment through a range of water and streamway management techniques. The Environment & Planning Directorate is now in public consultation mode. You can see their plans at the map at http://www.environment.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/752744/Yarralumla-Creek-Catchment-Options-ALLUVIUM-v5.pdf.

You will see they include stream restoration to manage erosion and improve habitat in Yarralumla Creek from Cotter Road to the Molonglo confluence (1), stream restoration to manage erosion & improve habitat and amenity in Yarralumla Creek between McCulloch Street and the Cotter Road (2) and stormwater treatment wetland/bioretention system on the north bank of Yarralumla Creek between Yarra Glen & McCulloch Street (9).

These plans impinge on North Curtin Horse Paddocks, Equestrian Park and the riding connections between them. Each of these plans may be a problem or a good thing but the equestrian community needs to be informed and involved. The document at http://www.environment.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/750876/BPP-treatment-options.pdf gives some idea of the kind of works being considered.

There is a public consultation drop-in at Hughes Community Centre from 2-4pm & 6-8pm on this Wednesday, 29 July. Time to ask questions then.  It would be good if as many people as possible from Curtin paddocks and users of the Park get along to show the flag.

There are also proposed works on the Molonglo below the Cotter Dam. Consultation re those will be at the Weston Creek Community Centre at the same times on 4 August.

In 2008 the Equestrian Park Management Group had an issue with over-ambitious storm water management plans in the Park. At that time Andrew Barr made a commitment in writing that any future storm water management developments would consider the requirements of ACTEA and CLPC. Unfortunately, we do not have a similar undertaking in regard to the North Curtin Paddocks.

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