ACTEA President’s February 2018 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Attendance at Bicentennial National Trail Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Attendance at Recreation Users Group Meeting


  • Attendance at launch of Molonglo River Reserve Draft Plan of Management
  • Discussions with Roads ACT re Pedal Power’s campaign for a cycle path on Heysen Street. Provided map of equestrian routes from Illoura Paddocks gate and links to Oakey Hill & Lyons.
  • Request for meeting re progress on equestrian access across Flemington Road around Light Rail
  • Contact with Environment & Planning Directorate about omission of BNT route from DA approval for Chapman Government housing.
  • Request to ACT equestrian clubs for advice re their use of PIC numbers in nominations for events.
  • Contact with Territory Agistment and Rural Services re advertisement of change of use & Rose Cottage Inn to include a service station. Discussion with Geoffrey Rutledge, Director-General of Sustainability and Built Environment in Environment & Planning Directorate.
  • Conversation with Mark Will of Drone Bootcamp re education of drone users.
  • Message to Toni Guntheur of CASA re offer for a meeting with Simon Denby.


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