ACTEA President’s March 2015 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Stromlo Forest Park re BNT route through SFP from John Gorton Parkway to Cotter Road.
  • Meeting with RoadsACT re revised Urban Infrastructure Guidelines and inclusion of equestrian infrastructure
  • Meeting with ACT Archives about storage of documentation associated with the Cotter Plots
  • Meeting with Riverview Group, and representatives from Belconnen Pony Club and BNT Section Coordinator re Riverview/Corkhills urban development in West Belconnen
  • Meeting with Riverview Planner and Woodhaven Investments Planner Paul Cohen and Belconnen Pony Club and BNT Section Coordinator re housing development on golf course and its relationship to BNT trail between Parkwood Rd and Strathnairn

  • To Parks & Conservation about equestrian inclusion in guidelines for infrastructure in Urban Open Space Guidelines.
  • To Park & Conservation regarding balloons landing in government horse paddocks during the Canberra Balloon Festival
Field Trip
  • Inspection of underpasses on Majura Parkway
  • Inspection of equestrian trail with City Services ranger near Defence Housing site at North Weston
  • Inspection of Equestrian Park with the ACT Government Vet.
  • Discussion with Parks and Conservation ranger on site of BNT in West Belconnen re change in position of gate for cattle control when trail area being grazed for Golden Sun Moth protection program.
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