ACTEA President’s March 2021 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Sport & Rec and property Group re EP Woolshed Conservation Management Plan and relationship to x-country course

  • Meeting with Ginninderry development about equestrian trails

  • Meeting with Sport & Recreation Services and SLA re weed strategy for EP cross country course

  • Meeting re implementation of Stromlo Forest Park Master Plan


  • Input to community consultation on development of Thoroughbred Park

  • Fix-M-Street request to remove the poplar regrowth at the EP underpass

  • Complaint to Parks re lack of consultation on Bst of Canberra MTB Strategy

  • Complaints to Spor & Rec, Ciy Services and Roads ACT about issues with cyclists using the EP underpass

  • Requests to Sport & Recreation about the overdue EP Licence renewal

  • Discussions with Parks re equestrian access around Karma and Kenny

  • Representations to Stromlo Forest Park regarding BNT trail usage for large event without warning

  • Fix-M=Street request re Zoo underpass into Arboretum


  • Information circulated about government’s Natural Resource management Plan

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