Changes to ACT Veterinary Registration Rules

Earlier this year some Canberra horse owners where expressing concern to ACTEA about their discovery that veterinarians not registered in the ACT, even if registered to practice just across the boarder in NSW, cannot legally practice in the Australian Capital Territory. This was particularly troubling as there are few enough large animal practices in Canberra at the moment, making after hours and weekend emergencies a potential problem.

Enquiries of the ACT Veterinary Board clarified that this is more to do with the way vets are insured than any reflection on their professional qualifications – and the situation is not confined to the ACT. At the time, ACTEA was told that work was proceeding on an update to the existing ACT Veterinary Surgeons Act 2015 to rectify the situation.

That legislation has now been passed by the Legislative Assembly. It is called the Veterinary Practice Act 2018. Part 4 of the Act deals with recognition of veterinary practitioners from other jurisdictions. You can read this Act at If that sound too daunting you can read the plain English Explanatory Memorandum that comes with every piece of legislation at

The new Act will become actual law on 28 February 2019. After that date you can call any vet you like.

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