Kangaroo Fence on Tuggeranong Parkway

Some of you will have noticed the fencing being erected along the Tuggeranong Parkway. A section from the Zoo to the Molonglo River appeared before Christmas and construction has started on the section from the Molonglo south to Sulwood Drive. The fence aims to prevent kangaroos colliding with cars on the Parkway. It is funded ($2M) under the Commonwealth Black Spots Program.

The fencing is wire mesh on metal poles between 1.5m and 1.6m high with an overhang at the top. For reasons not clearly explained the fencing is only on the eastern side of the Parkway. It will be constructed fairly close to the carriageway.

Project managers contacted ACTEA in regard to issues the new fence might cause equestrians and a number of on-site meetings and electronic communications with RoadsACT and contractors have occurred in regard to places below where the new fence impacts on equestrian trails.

  1. Underpass near the Zoo: this fence allows for continued equestrian access into the Arboretum using the existing entry arrangements. The fencing extends down to the Molonglo River corridor but does not interfere with access under the Molonglo overpass.
  1. Cotter Road East ramp off Parkway: this fence goes from the Molonglo River corridor, around the southern end of the Yarralumla Horse Paddocks and along the Cotter Road toward the entrance road. Consultation with ACTEA has ensured the old track from the River, up Apple Tree Gully, has been maintained and there is a 10m space between the existing paddock fence and the new Kangaroo fence.
  1. Hindmarsh Drive Underpass: this underpass is a vital connection between Kambah and Illoura horse paddocks. It includes a shared use path with steep approaches and ACTEA has been talking with RoadsACT about signage and design measures to make it safer for horses. These measures are presently being considered by the National Capital Authority which has responsibility for this piece of land. The whole intersection has now been complicated by the addition of the kangaroo fence. One of the general design principles of the fence along its route is that a narrow 8m fenced corridor is created wherever the fence cross a shared use path. This is unsafe for horses and bikes to share especially on a steep slop and an alternative at Hindmarsh Drive will be to replicate the cavaletti on the southern side with a new one on the northern side of set from the bike path. The project has agreed that cavaletti do not have to have mesh fencing higher than the top rail of the cavaletti and the fencing does not have to extend past the cavaletti itself.
  1. Waldock Street Underpass: This is a pretty straight forward underpass. The fencing will not interfere with the equestrian route.
  1. Sulwood Drive intersection: This is the end of the fence, It will be affixed at its end to the culvert east of the intersection on the northern side of Sulwood Drive.

The fencing is supposed to be completed by the end of this financial year. ACTEA will be pleased to hear from any riders who have difficulties with any of this fencing.

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