LDK Retirement Village

ACTEA has received an update on progress with development of the old Forest Park Riding School site next to Equestrian Park. The developer, LDK, now have all their approvals from the National Capital Authority and are waiting for the financial handover from the previous owners. which was expected by the end of September.

LDKexpects to be surface cleaning the site for the first 2-3 weeks after which they will go into the removal of the buried contaminated waste; probably in November. This will be done according to an approved plan to minimise any spread of the contamination material which will be deeply buried and sealed on the  eastern edge of the site. There will be an official inspector on-site monitoring the process. They expect to start building their facility in February 2023.

Construction will start with the villas at the end furthest from the Cotter Road and move slowly toward the Road. Construction is expected to have moved away from the fire trail around the edge of the site before the end of the first year but works will continue in that area into 2024. They will install green shade cloth fencing around the boundary of the site to minimise the visual impact and any dust.

Construction activities will occur between 7:30am and 4:00pm. LDK do not expect to be working on weekends; when not in use large machinery will be parked well away from the periphery of the site. Construction crew on site will be given regular reminders to be aware of horses on the boundary of the site.

We discussed two kinds of signage – traffic and information.

  1. LDK will build a sales office in the area close to the current residence which will attract interested public, most of whom will know nought about horses. There will also be tradesmen’s vehicles coming and going on a daily basis.  Workers will be reminded to look out for cars and floats travelling to and from the Paddocks gates. Signage will be installed at the LDK exit reminding drivers heading for the Cotter Road that they will potentially be sharing the road with cars and horse floats entering from their right.
  2. LDK will also provide a notice board at the entrance gate to the horse paddocks. This will hold contact details for the building site manager in case of any issues and will be where LDK will provide notice of any intention to work on a Saturday.

LDK have expressed a wish to work with their neighbours throughout the long building process.




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